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Ways to Work Together

Estimates, Binding Quotations, and Work Samples

Reserving Time for Your Project

Rates, Billing Methods, and Payment Options

Warranty and Liability

At All My Best, service rates are affordable, scheduled turnaround is timely, and quality exceeds expectations.

 Estimates, Binding Quotations, and Work Samples

Once you have completed your best effort at a final manuscript draft in Microsoft Word, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at All My Best.

  • If your copyediting project is fewer than 35,000 words, or if you're inquiring about PDF-layout proofreading services (regardless of word count), email Lynette with a total word count and describe your subject matter. Let her know whether you desire copyediting or proofreading, and she'll offer an estimated price range and anticipated turnaround time based on her then-known schedule. 
  • If your copyediting project is at least 35,000 words, you can request a no-obligation binding quotation per 1,000 words, plus a work sample. Simply email Lynette five random (non-consecutive) but representative pages from the latter 90% of your manuscript, and state your manuscript's total word count. Lynette will time herself at copyediting your work and calculate a binding quotation. She will then send you the work sample, the binding quotation, and the anticipated start date and turnaround time based on her then-known schedule.
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Reserving Time for Your Project

When you decide to work with All My Best, a start-up deposit of approximately 75% of the estimated or quoted amount for copyediting or proofreading will reserve time in Lynette's schedule for your project. (Note that no time can be reserved without receipt of deposit.) Be reassured: Your deposit will not be used until the date the work is scheduled to begin. The remaining balance will be due within 10 days of project completion. Established small publishers who send projects to All My Best on a regular basis may negotiate other billing terms.   

Rates, Billing Methods, and Payment Options

All work (except copyediting of manuscripts of at least 35,000 words) is billed by the hour and is subject to a minimum billing of 0.5 (one-half) hour.

Remittances may be made either via PayPal payment (details via email) or by check payable to All My Best. If you must use a credit card, you may arrange this through a PayPal payment.

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Warranty and Liability

All My Best promises to make its best effort to locate and correct all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and, in the case of PDF-layout proofreading, layout errors. If the result is grammatically correct but unsatisfactory to you, revisions you request will be billable.

It is your sole responsibility—before duplicating, distributing, or otherwise publishing your document—to fully review the copyedited document file or the proofread PDF file to make sure that the result is satisfactory; All My Best cannot be responsible for your duplication or distribution costs.

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