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Book Authors

"Lynette is quite able
To make life more stable;
Using just the right word,
She helps others be heard."

—Patricia Carratello,
Educator, Author, Speaker, Friend
(Idyllwild, CA)


"I highly recommend Lynette Smith. Her work is accurate and always on time, and she's a joy to work with. 'All My Best' is not only the name of Lynette's company, it's her motto – she delivers."

—Jeniffer Thompson, Book Services
and Author Website Design,

Monkey C Media (San Diego, CA)

"Thanks very much to Lynette for her good words and good work! I like what she does on the copyediting. Her touches add to my voice and don't take anything away, and that's what I want."

—Robert Wolff, Author and Publisher,
The Creative Syndicate, (Boise, ID)


"In the past ten years of publishing people's books, I've worked with many editors. It wasn't until I found Lynette Smith of All My Best that I found consistency, accuracy, excellent editing skills, and great suggestions with the manuscripts. Lynette is truly professional and a joy to work with. Her work makes my publishing company and authors look good. One of them even wrote, 'Lynette, I love you and I don't even know you. I feel so safe with you on this project.' Indeed, Lynette Smith is the best!"

—Sharon Lund, Author and Publisher,
Sacred Life Publishers (Kihei, HI)

Publishing Consultants

"Lynette gives 1001% more than expected. Always. Without exception. Dependable, talented, reliable, thoughtful, goes above and beyond – but most of all, caring."

—Patsy Bellah, Self-Publishing Facilitator,
Bellah Business Support Services (Lompoc, CA)

Book Authors

"I hire Lynette for that wealth of knowledge she exudes. If I kept a 'brilliant' list, she'd be first."

—Robyn Wheeler, Born Mad, LLC; Author, Born Mad and 104 Ways to Starve Your Anger and Feed Your Soul (Mabank, TX)

"I have been using editors for over 20 years. Lynette may be the best. She catches everything and just wants it to be perfect for the writer."

—Dr. Ty Colbert, Publisher and Author,
Healing Runaway Minds: How to Understand and Recover from Major Mental Disorders with Special Emphasis on "Schizophrenia" and more (Orange, CA)

"All My Best was originally highly recommended to me by a colleague whom I respect very much. Engaging Lynette for her copyediting of my book, Brokers Who Dominate, was one of the best decisions I made. Her professionalism, punctuality, and consistent communication made this process seamless. Additionally, her insights and suggestions on a variety of publishing issues were greatly appreciated and applicable. I will use Lynette again and, like my colleague, recommend her without hesitation."

—Rod Santomassimo, CCIM, Founder and President,
Massimo Group, LLC (Cary, NC)

"Lynette is to be praised on how she communicates to clients. She has been so thorough in explaining the process of editing. While doing so, she has shown care with my business manuscript, Your Financial Flight Plan, and met every deadline. I appreciate her professionalism and integrity."

—Renee Daggett, Author of Your Financial Flight Plan
and Certified QuickBooks Consultant,

Administrative Bookkeeping Co., Inc. (Morgan Hill, CA)

"I've just gone through Lynette's PDF-proofreading highlights and virtual sticky notes on The Sales Rookie and love the fine tuning her editing has given the book!"

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Author of
The Sales Rookie and The Sales Mentor (Carlsbad, CA)

"Lynette did a great job – I am sending this off to a book designer today! I also appreciated her taking the time with me to explain her services in such a patient and kind manner."

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Author of
Dynamic Art Projects for Children and
Amazing Art Projects for Children
(Gilbert, AZ)

"Lynette Smith, in working with my publisher, contributed significantly in the copyediting, interior print layout, and eBook formatting and conversion for my book. From the first email exchange to the conclusion of the project, Lynette over-delivered time and time again with her expertise, high level of communication, and thoughtful perspective. When you embark on your publishing journey, you can count on Lynette to 'go the extra mile' for you and your book!"

—Christopher Holl, Author,
Life Lessons from the Chocolate Factory:
10 Rich, Satisfying Nuggets to Nibble On

 (Jackson, NJ)

"When I began my writing career in earnest, I found someone who not only helped make my voice clearer but tightened up my prose in the process. Without the services of Lynette Smith at that critical juncture, I honestly believe I would be foundering right now, still looking for a capable, objective copyeditor to work with. Lynette is more than a copyeditor. She is a cheerleader, a candid yet sensitive resource to bounce one's work off of and, as it turns out – a friend. If you're looking for a copyeditor, look no further than Lynette Smith and All My Best. She has all the above attributes plus connections in the San Diego (and beyond) literary world, and all for a fair, competitive price."

Gene Thomas, PhD, Author, Tales from the Tree House,
Tree House to Palm Trees, and more (Belmopan, Belize)

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