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Publications by Lynette M. Smith from GoodWaysToWrite.com

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  • Resources page contains sections on
    • Preparing
    • Writing
    • Polishing
    • Publishing
    • Marketing
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Writing Tips

  • Overview
  • Clear, concise writing, including:
    • Common incorrect words or phrases (a myriad of, could care less, more then, reoccur/reoccurring)
    • Parallel structure in lists, ensuring the use of
    • There is and there are, avoiding the use of
  • Formatting in MS Word and HTML
    • Use a nonbreaking space to lock two words together on the same line
    • Use a nonbreaking hyphen to lock a hyphenated word together on the same line
    • Use an em dash (long dash) instead of a double hyphen
    • Use an en dash (the symbol for to, through, or minus) instead of a hyphen
  • Punctuation
    • Commas and/or semicolons surrounding however
    • Commas before who or whom
    • Commas or colons with such as and including
    • Quotation marks, ending, placement of punctuation with
    • Parentheses, placement of ending punctuation inside or outside
    • Semicolons and/or commas surrounding however
  • Spelling
    • First or last names, how to make plural
    • First or last names, how to show possession
    • First or last names, when to use an apostrophe
    • How to make most nouns plural
  • Word placement
    • Not only, proper placement in a sentence
    • Only, proper placement in a sentence
  • Word usage
    • Affect versus effect
    • Imply versus infer
    • It's versus its
    • That versus who or whom
    • Who versus whom
    • Whoever versus whomever
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