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Media Activities with All My Best's Owner/Copyeditor/Publisher,
Lynette M. Smith


Biblio Files with host Bonnie Dillabough, interviewing Lynette Smith regarding what authors want to know about manuscript scrubbing and copyediting, as well as PDF layout checking and layout proofreading. Online video podcast recorded July 28, 2020.

"Meet Lynette M. Smith of All My Best in Yorba Linda," VoyageLA Magazine, online edition, January 2, 2018.

"Freelance Editors: Find and Cultivate Top-Notch Talent." Print and online article by staff writer Deb Vanassee in Vol. 35(12) of the IBPA Independent, the magazine for members of the Independent Book Publishers Association, December 2017.

"How to Save Time, Cut Costs, and Publish a Book That Shines!" (November 16 video interview by Elizabeth Johnston), Memoir Summit, November 14–16, 2017.


San Diego Memoir Writers Association Panel of Editors, San Diego, CA, November 4, 2017.


"When You Proof the Proof, Check Layout First," Publishers & Writers Monthly (newsletter of Publishers & Writers of San Diego), January 2017, pp. 9–10.

80 Common Layout Errors to Flag When Proofreading Book Interiors. 40-page handbook in print and ebook. Yorba Linda, CA: All My Best, July 2016.

Guest Blogger

"Common Formatting Issues in Microsoft Word: Four Easy Tips for Authors," reprinted by Kim Staflund as part of her LinkedIn content, September 15, 2017.

"Common Formatting Issues in Microsoft Word: Four Easy Tips for Authors," PPG Publishers Blog, June 21, 2017.



80 Common Layout Errors to Flag When Proofreading Book Interiors

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"This handbook is amazing. I am doing a great deal of formatting these days, and the words resonate with me. I have encountered many of the issues mentioned, and plan to buy the [paperback] book and keep it handy so I can help my clients by providing the best possible proofreading and formatting." —Judy Vorfeld

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What Editors Do:
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What Editors Do

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"What Editors Do, is what led me to your website. Now I am making a number of non-writer colleagues here at [work] aware of your services.”
—Valerie Liebelt

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